How to Use Complications on Apple Watch? Step By Step

Customizing your Apple Watch can take different directions; however, none of them will be as time-saving as adding complications. If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that complications allow you to view some of the information you frequently use at a simple glance but did you know that having multiple faces enables you … Read more

How Do Smartwatches Work?

Smart this, smart that. It’s like every device in your life claims to be ‘smart,’ even watches! A few years ago, the idea of having a smartwatch sounded obnoxious; what can be smart about time telling? I mean, that’s all that watches do, right? Actually, wrong. Smartwatches can do much more than telling you the … Read more

12 Cool Things to Do With a Smartwatch

12 Cool Things to Do With a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are all the rage now, yet people still have no idea how to use them to their full potential. Many would go as far as say they’re a waste of money with which we disagree entirely. People have been giving up on regular watches, which we understand because who needs a whole gadget to … Read more

What is a smartwatch? A Complete Guide


Whenever someone is talking about smartwatches, you can’t help but feel like they’re talking about a magic wand or a genie that they can pull out and order whatever they want, right? These groundbreaking wearable gadgets have been around for a while now, and companies have been dumping immeasurable amounts of money, time, resources into … Read more

Are Smartwatches Worth It?

I just have to address the elephant in the room: smartwatches are expensive. Their price is the main reason most people are hesitant about buying them, which is fair. If you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on an electronic device, you need to know what it’ll add to your life—if any at all! So, throughout … Read more

How to Choose a Smartwatch

Before walking into a store and buying the first smartwatch your eyes land on, you need to know exactly what you need. For example, getting a smartwatch for fitness tracking has completely different demands from day-to-day usage. For the former usage, heart rate measuring, GPS, and water resistance are all essential factors. On the contrary, … Read more