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While the idea of giving kids a gift as expensive as a smartwatch seemed insane years ago, it has become one of the sought-after gifts this year, and for good reasons.

Smartwatches can help you keep in touch with your kid, be aware of their whereabouts, keep them entertained, track their fitness activities, and nourish their learning skills in a much healthier way than smartphones. If these advantages sound like something you need, consider our list of the best smartwatches for kids.

7 Best Smartwatches for Kids In 2024

If you’re looking for a kid fitness tracker from a reliable brand, the Fitbit Ace 2 smartwatch is the answer. It’s waterproof and durable and tracks your child’s activity and sleep. The family account and kid view are helpful, while the color options are fun.

Fitbit is known for its bold colors and prints, so your kid will be excited just by looking at it. The flexible silicone band has an adjustable clasp to move with your child, while the raised bumper protects the watch from damage. In addition, the watch is waterproof to 50 meters, so let your kid swim unbothered.

Moreover, the display is really fun, thanks to the customizable and animated watch faces. The display includes call notifications from your phone that you won’t miss, thanks to the five-day battery life. The device is also compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices, enabling you to enjoy the app everywhere.

The fitness app allows you to create a family account to watch your kid’s activity through parent view, while the kid view enables kids to see their rewards and badges and customize their app. Besides fitness tracking, the app monitors and analyzes sleep.

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If you have no problem with splurging on your child, we recommend the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 smartwatch. Its no-charge battery and games that encourage children to move and get their chores making it all worth it.

The most notable feature in this tough watch is its Marvel/Disney-themed band and a customizable color screen that makes just wearing it fun for the kids. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making syncing the applications easier. Instead of having to charge, this watch comes with a 1-year battery that needs no charging.

Additionally, its swim-friendly design allows your kid to wear while swimming, showering, and more.

This watch’s most premium feature is its interactive Disney’s adventure app, where 60-minute activity unlocks adventures and rewards. Also, you can use the app to track your child’s steps and sleeps.

You can also assign tasks and chores, schedule alerts, and designate rewards with virtual coins to make doing homework, brushing teeth, and other mundane tasks much more exciting.

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The VTech KidiZoom DX2 smartwatch is the best bang for your buck with its eight games, three challenges, a camera, video, and 50+ watch faces.

This hidden gem comes in four exciting colors and has a color touchscreen display for ease of use. It even teaches kids to tell time by customizing the watch face from 50+ 3D designs. In terms of battery life, this watch can last for two weeks on a single charge, so your child won’t be interrupted mid-activity.

Children who have a passion for photography will love the camera function and the photo effects. They can also let their creativity run wild with the video camera and voice recorder with voice-changing effects.

Moving on, this watch can withstand children’s everyday activities, thanks to the Splash and sweat-proof design.

This watch will definitely keep your child occupied with its three fun activities, three action challenges that utilize the motion sensor, and five games that you can download more of from Learning Lodge.

Moreover, this watch enjoys more beneficial features like the alarm, timer, stopwatch, calendar, and calculator.

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If you want a high-quality health and fitness tracker for your teen, don’t look elsewhere. The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 waterproof smartwatch can track your teen’s sports, monitor their sleep and heart rate, and encourage them to get more active and healthy.

Nobody doesn’t know how Xiaomi smart bands look. They’re slim and comfortable to wear, and their sturdy construction is impressive. They come in six trendy colors as well. Also, this watch’s display is more colorful and 20% larger than the Mi Band 4. Parents and teens, rejoice; the watch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Additionally, your experience with the watch will be interruption-free, thanks to the watch’s 14-day battery life. Magnetic charging makes the watch even more convenient. Moreover, the smart band has call alerts and remote camera control.

On another note, if your teen swims, they need a watch like this one, which has a 5ATM waterproof rating. Exercise junkies will also appreciate the watch’s ability to track eleven sports in detail; from yoga to machine rowing, everything is recorded.

Finally, the watch monitors sleep and heart rate 24/7, a new feature that’ll help teen girls with menstrual cycle tracking. Plus, this watch has three health modes that’ll keep teenage stress at bay.

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Just like there are health and fitness trackers of different budgets for adults, there are ones for kids. The moreFit Pure Kids smartwatch is an affordable health and fitness tracker with a camera and reminders for calls and messages.

In terms of design, this watch has an ergonomic feel and comes in five colors. The color display is customizable, and the brightness is adjustable. Plus, it’s compatible with iOS and Android so that you can enjoy its benefits on any device.

Additionally, you control the camera on your phone through the watch, and you receive alerts for calls and texts.

Now, let’s talk about swimming because this watch has an IP67 waterproof rating, so your child can wash their hands, sweat, shower, or swim wearing this watch.

Active children, pre-teens, and teens will highly benefit from the multi-sports mode that monitors walking, running, cycling, and climbing. The watch further counts steps, calories, and distance. In terms of health, children can benefit from sleep, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, and blood pressure monitoring.

Lastly, the moreFit Pure Kids enjoys extra functions as well, such as the stopwatch, sedentary reminder, alarm clock reminder, and more.

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If you have a kid who’s about to enter their teenage years, this smartwatch is an incredible companion.

The Amazfit Bip is only 1.1 ounces, which makes it super lightweight and suitable for teenagers. Its display is a clear, always-on one, and it’s an LCD screen that’s visible in all light conditions.

Moreover, it’s equipped with GPS and heart rate monitoring, yet comes at a much more affordable price than Garmin or Apple Watches. This enables the watch to track steps taken, distance walked, quality of sleep, calories burned, and more. It even has special activity modes, including walking, running, and cycling.

Its 30-day battery life makes a very suitable choice for the younger crowd, which are more likely to forget to charge it every night. However, regular use of the GPS and heart rate monitoring could reduce the battery life a little.

The Amazfit Bip comes with Bluetooth connectivity that makes a connection between the watch and a smartphone possible, and consequently, receiving notifications for text messages, social media, and calls.

Finally, with a scratch-resistant Gorilla coating, the Amazfit Bip can take a few hits without any deterioration in performance.

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This incredible pick gives your kid the best of both worlds: the functionality and sleek design of a smartwatch with the classic look of a conventional watch. It best suits older kids and young teenagers.

Unlike many kids’ smartwatches, this option boasts a round design and ditches the usual square or edgy display shapes. The body itself is splash-resistant, not water-resistant, so you should tell your kid to handle it with care around water.

The Pebble Time Round relies on four buttons: a back button on the left and three on the right, which act as up, down, and select. There’s also a mic beneath the button on the right.

However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not always clear to read as it’s not very visible in direct sunlight, and the backlight can be a little too strong in a dimly-lit room. It’s nothing a change of settings can’t fix, though.

Finally, the Pebble doesn’t pack the longest battery life, as it only lasts 2 days on a single charge. But its charging time makes up for it as only 15 minutes can give you a whole day of functionality.

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Smartwatches for Kids Buying Guide & FAQ

Here are the most important aspects to consider in the quest for a smartwatch for kids, along with selected frequently asked questions.

Features to Look for in a Smartwatch for Kids

Parental Safety

One of the main benefits of having a child smartwatch is the peace of mind that we have when we know where our children are, so GPS-tracking is definitely helpful. Many smartwatches enable the caregiver to set up geofenced zones that alert them when the child gets out.

In addition, smartwatches with SOS alerts enable children to call for emergencies, which can literally save their lives.

Two-Way Communication

We highly recommend getting a smartwatch with a SIM card slot if you want to text and call your child when they’re not home. Two-way communication is typically allowed for a limited number of contacts, which ensures that strangers won’t be able to contact your child.


Two-way cameras enable kids to take pictures, selfies, and videos, which helps them create a lot of memories with friends and family. Plus, video calls are the new way to communicate with loved ones in 2020.

Water Resistance and Durability

Water-resistance is a must-have because you need a smartwatch that can withstand sweat, splashing, and a little bit of wetness. If your kid is a swimmer, then you need to get them a waterproof watch and make sure to check their rating.

In terms of construction, don’t get them a flimsy, cheap smartwatch just because it’s for kids. Kids are highly energetic; they tend to run, fall, and break things a lot. So, you need to get them a watch with a protected screen, shock-absorbent case, and sturdy band.

Battery Life

Whether it’s a smartwatch for a child or not, battery life is definitely something to consider. You don’t want a battery life that has you reaching for the charger every couple of hours. However, long battery lives may come with fewer features. So, pick the battery life that suits your child’s needs the best.


Most children in this day and age prefer the quickness and intuitiveness of touchscreens. However, some still believe in the simplicity and straightforwardness of buttons. This is more of a preference that differs from one child/caregiver to another.

Games and Apps

What can we say? Kids love games and games they shall have. AR games are an excellent way to keep children entertained and physically active in their free time; they can also be a learning experience that hones their skills. 

Also, many smartwatches enable you to set time limits for gaming. So, look for smartwatches with multiple games.

Fitness and Activities

While children don’t need extensive fitness tracking like adults, a smartwatch with a built-in pedometer that tracks steps and active minutes can be highly useful. Motion sensors also encourage kids to be more active with challenges and rewards. 

Also, sleep monitoring is a great feature to have so that you can be updated about your child’s sleeping patterns. Plus, fitness-focused smartwatches have heart monitors, calorie count, and multi-sport modes.

Age of Child

Since a child will be the smartwatch’s primary user, it’s essential to get them one that matches their age and abilities.


While aesthetics never seem like a priority in most devices, they can make or break your child’s experience and attachment to the watch. Mainly, children love themed designs like Disney, Marvel, DC, and so on. They tend to gravitate to loud colors and fun prints, as well.


Picking a smartwatch for kids is more complicated than for adults when it comes to price. On one end, children tend to break, damage, and lose stuff, so parents tend to avoid overly expensive items for kids. On the other hand, you don’t want to buy a smartwatch that’s really cheap because it won’t last, especially when you consider children’s rough activities.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a smartwatch for your child, you shouldn’t settle for less than you expect. We hope that our list of the best smartwatches for kids has helped you narrow down your options.

The Fitbit Ace 2 smartwatch has it all: a reasonable price, parent/kid app view, GPS-tracking, plenty of activity tracking features, decent battery life, and waterproof design.

If you want the greatest advantage in terms of value, consider the VTech KidiZoom DX2 smartwatch. It provides eleven fun activities, a camera, video, and an impressive battery life.

Quality seekers who don’t mind spending a bit will enjoy the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2. It has a battery that doesn’t need charging and interactive games to encourage your child to become physically active and do household chores.

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