Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2024 Mixing Style With Smart Features

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Smartwatches have snaked their way into almost every aspect of our lives. They’ve become a necessity for people who adopt a digital lifestyle. However, not all of us are fans of the nerdy looks of high-tech smartwatches. Some would like to keep their classic, elegant timepieces but want to stay on track with the new health and tracking features.

If you’re looking for a classy smartwatch to wear with your formal, semi-formal, and casual clothes, you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve gathered the best hybrid smartwatches currently on the market that’ll give you the best of both worlds

7 Best Hybrid Smartwatches in 2024

Our top recommendation on this list is Garmin Vivomove 3S, which offers all the features you need to keep your life practical and healthy in a body that can be easily mistaken for a classic analog watch.

At first glance, the watch looks like a classic high-fashion timepiece with regular watch hands stuffed in a fancy stainless steel case.

However, beneath this sophisticated look, there is a hidden touch screen that appears when you need it. Depending on your hand movements, the analog face vanishes and the touch screen appears on the bottom half of the display where you can see and control the watch’s smart features.

These features include a pulse oximeter to keep track of your sleep pattern as well as a respiratory rate to give you an idea of your workout’s intensity, and there’s also a stress monitoring feature. The watch can also track your energy and hydration level and pair with your phone’s GPS to map your outdoor activities.

Speaking of pairing, the model is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and offers a seamless connection. When connected to your phone, it’ll vibrate to let you know you got a notification or have an incoming call on your phone.

Because you don’t want the watch dying on you whether you’re at work or in the middle of your 5k running, Garmin provided this model with a battery that can last for five days on smart mode. It can last two more days if you switch some features off.

Thankfully, the watch comes in 14 models with various luxurious designs and colors so that you can choose according to your taste. You can also choose between three case sizes (39, 42, and 44 millimeters) according to what fits your wrist better.

Key Features:



It’s no lie that when it comes to functionality and style, Fossil is always a winner. That’s why this model would be our hearty recommendation to anyone who wants the best value for their money.

Fossil Collider HR is a well-designed and good looking model that comes with an intuitive E Ink display and enough smart as well as fitness features to make it the best smartwatch in a traditional case. So let’s dig more into this masterpiece.

First things first, the model boasts a classy 42-millimeter case and leather strap that feels like a part of a suit and tie look. However, it’ll look just great on any outfit, provided that you’re a fan of the classic style.

Apart from the impressive looks, the model boasts the longest battery life among our selected products that use rechargeable batteries. It comes with a battery that charges in just one hour and can stay up for more than two weeks on one charge.

Yet, the highlight of this model is its three customizable side buttons. Through the app, you can assign certain functions to these buttons, such as showing notifications, changing the song, or viewing workout details.

In terms of fitness capabilities, the watch features an accurate HR sensor and a wellness tracker that monitors your steps, calories, active minutes, and sleep time. Like the previous model, it’s waterproof.

However, it receives and views notifications without delay and shows weather and calendar updates on the screen. It also allows you to control your music playlist from your wrist, which is a much-appreciated feature for busy users who are always on the go.

Key Features:



As expected from the product that revived Withings after being under Nokia’s wings for two years, Steel HR Sport gained a reputation of being a fancy watch, considering its high-end looks and price. However, we consider it more of a healthy smartwatch that integrates all the features you need to keep your body active without losing style.

The model looks like a regular but high-class watch with its 40-millimeter durable stainless steel case and analog face. It comes in only two colors, so the options are limited, and although it looks versatile enough to match a suit or my gym kit, its functions are more suitable for sportsmen than businessmen.

What makes this watch stand out is the impressive heart rate tracking it offers. The moment you put on the watch, it starts monitoring your heart rate and gives you accurate, in-depth reports about your heart rate throughout the day. What’s more, it can track your sleep, analyzing your different stages of awake, light, and deep sleep.

The Steel HR Sport will help you finally get off the couch and hit those step goals. From over 30 sport modes, you can choose your type of exercise and let it track your workout. It also integrates a VO2 Max feature, which allows you to measure the amount of oxygen you’re utilizing during exercise.

On top of that, the model has connected GPS, meaning you can map your sessions with distance but only when your phone is paired. And if you’re into watersports, we’re glass to tell you that Steel HR Sport holds a 5ATM waterproof rating, which means you can take it to the pool or the shower without worrying about it getting damaged.

Apart from fitness features, the watch offers notification functions for incoming calls and messages by vibrating alarms. However, there can be a delay in those. We hope that this aspect would have been better, but it’s not a deal-breaker. Besides, with all these high-end features along with the 5- to 25-day battery life, we can’t really complain.

Key Features:



Vivomove HR is another work of art that proves that Garmin never misses a detail. The company sticks to the word “hybrid” by combining a smooth and chic design with a plethora of smart features that will make both fashion and tech aficionados happy as ever.

Looking smart while staying connected! That’s what this model offers with its ten attractive models, 43-millimeter case, and a hidden touch screen that appears only when you move your wrist or give it a tap.

The on-demand touch screen shows information about your estimated heart rate and burnt calories along with the distance covered, floors climbed, and steps taken. It’ll also remind you to drink throughout the day and take a breath to relax thanks to its built-in stress tracker.

On top of that, Vivomove HR is waterproof for up to 50 meters, which means you can take it to the shower and never worry about it in the case of a downpour.

In addition to the impressive fitness features, the model is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Upon connecting your device to the watch, you’ll receive notifications about phone calls and texts from your wrist.

In short, the watch performs amazingly good at all tasks and looks incredible. To make everything even better, it can work continuously for five days before it demands a recharge. And you can extend this period to two weeks if you switch off some of the smart features.

Key Features:



Looking for a high-functioning fitness and sleep tracker in a stylish case with a conservative design that matches with any attire? Don’t look away because Steel HR might be all you need.

While its Steel HR Sport sibling was more oriented for the sports crowd, this model is designed as a hybrid smartwatch for everyone, from businessmen to athletes and fashion lovers.

That’s because it comes in six classic all-metal models that are lightweight and look nothing like the bulky modern smartwatches. Moreover, you can choose either the 36 or 40-millimeter case according to your wrist size and what matches your taste.

All models feature an accurate heart rate sensor, sleep tracker, and impressive GPS capabilities that only work when connected to your phone. What’s more, it offers 30 sports modes that track your activity, whether you’re walking, running, swimming, or hiking. Oh, and it’s waterproof so you can wear it when swimming or practicing outdoor sports in the rain.

Although the model is targeted to the fitness crowd, it works great as a business tool. It allows you to see who is calling or texting you without breaking the meeting or looking impolite.

Furthermore, if your business trips take days, you’ll be perfectly fine with this model. It can stay away from the charger for five days in workout mode, 25 days in the standard model, and up to 50 days in power reserve mode.

Key Features:



Dear ladies, you’re not left out of our list. If you’re not down with just a unisex model and looking for a fashionable pick explicitly designed for women, Fossil Jacqueline may be the watch you’re looking for.

While the model’s selling point is its simplicity, it looks like a million bucks. It doesn’t appear overwhelming as the nerdy smartwatches and comes in 9 different models with metal and leather straps. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that it features a sturdy 36-millimeter all-metal case and water-resistant construction.

The watch boasts an ordinary time-telling face that can be mistaken as a regular watch face. However, it conveys your notifications in a hidden way. They’re indicated by the arms pointing at specific hours, and you’ll have to program this whole process.

For example, you can set the watch’s arm to land at 2 o’clock if you receive a text from a particular contact. While this may not be the easiest way to be notified about calls and messages, it serves the “hidden smartwatch” concept well. There are also three customizable buttons at the side, which you can set to do different functions.

Furthermore, it comes with fitness and sleep trackers, but they don’t seem to be as accurate as other models. However, they’ll do the job if you’re just using them to check your activity level throughout the day rather than track your workouts. And of course, you can’t see your activity progress on the watch, but you’ll be able to see it on the companion app.

Finally, instead of a rechargeable battery, the model comes with a cell battery that lasts up to six months.

Key Features:



Q Hybrid is the best smartwatch for users looking for a premium and classy watch with a couple of smart functions. Like the previous model, Q Hybrid boasts a six-month non-rechargeable battery, simple fitness tracking capabilities, and notification access in an all-metal water-resistant classic body.

The watch boasts a gorgeous leather band that complements the 45-millimeter stainless steel case. Like the previous Fossil model, there’s no hidden screen or an analog display with the ability to switch between other views.

So, the watch shows additional information on the E Ink display around the physical watch hands. It may be a bit tricky to read but more practical and simpler for users who don’t like to navigate much.

The watch pairs with Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth. Once paired, it syncs time with the phone and connects to the fitness tracker and apps. It alerts you to notifications by subtle vibrations to your wrist and shows the information the same way as the previous model; by moving the hands to the corresponding number.

There are three buttons on the side that you can set to remotely play music, run a stopwatch, or trigger your phone camera’s shutter. You can also set a button to help you track your water intake or find your smartphone by ringing it.

Key Features:



Hybrid Smartwatches - Buying Guide

As you’ve seen from our list, there’s a huge range of styles and designs to pick from according to your taste but if you are on a budget then you can check the list of the 7 Best Smartwatches under $100 dollars. However, choosing a smartwatch from such a huge list of options can be overwhelming. 

As expected, a hybrid smartwatch should tell the time in the traditional way. Yet, it should be capable of performing a range of other functions, given its hybrid status. Here are some of the meat and potatoes of what to look for when shopping for a hybrid smartwatch. 

Features to Look for in Hybrid Smartwatches

Battery Life

The major plus point of a hybrid smartwatch is that it doesn’t use much energy so make sure you’re not missing this feature. The reason behind that is that there is no touchscreen, advanced interface, or energy-consuming apps to drain the battery. 

Depending on the model, some batteries last for weeks, and others can stay up for months. That’s, of course, in the case of rechargeable batteries. However, some models still use non-rechargeable batteries. 

The former are more practical, but if you want to spare yourself the hassle of plugging your watch into a recharger every now and then, the latter will be your best option. Just make sure they last at least 6-12 months before they need a replacement.


Opt for hybrid smartwatches that offer comprehensive sports and fitness tracking functions. Features such as pedometers, calorie calculators, and workout reminders will prove themselves helpful if you want to keep an active lifestyle.

They also expand the use of the smartwatch to other settings. Instead of wearing it only to work or casual gatherings, you can put it on when on a run or in the gym.

Just make sure they provide reliable and consistently accurate information. If they skip some steps, add some on their own or provide inconsistent results, the features might not be worth it after all.

Notifications and Calls

A hybrid watch won’t replace your smartphone when it comes to receiving and replying to calls and notifications. But it’ll act as a helpful extension. 

Most hybrid gadgets come with features that alert you when you receive an email or text by vibrations or beep sounds. The most advanced ones offer different vibration patterns for calls, emails, and reminders so that you’ll be able to tell what you’re alerted to without having to reach for your mobile.


Usually, hybrid devices use Bluetooth to pair to your device. While most of them are compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets, it’s always important to double-check that your model-of-choice is compatible with your smartphone. You can pick the smartwatch for iPhone from our list as we have already tested them with the latest iPhone devices.

Plus, ensure that the watch provides a seamless and fast connection, or else it’ll become a device that comes on your nerves more than a helpful one.

Final Verdict

It’s fun staying connected, but you don’t have to give up on your style for the sake of wearing wireless technology on your wrist. We hope our list of the best hybrid smartwatches has helped you find your next smart choice. 

If you’re still in doubt, our recommendation would be to go for Vivomove 3S. This one combines an array of smart functions along with accurate health tracking features in a classic case built with high-quality materials. And above all, it comes at a very competitive price.

Steel HR Sport is your best choice if you’re looking for a high-functioning fitness tracker in a model that looks like a traditional wristwatch. Finally, Collider HR is perfect for users who hate the hassle of charging every now and then but want a classy and comfortable watch that boasts a very classic design.

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