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A smartwatch can be a great investment if you give yourself some time to think about why you need one in the first place and how you’re going to use it. After all, it’s not worth it to pay a premium for a smartwatch if you don’t need all of its features.

With so many smartwatch brands and models out there, we understand how hard it can be to pick the one that suits you, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

In our extensive buying guide, we’ve reviewed some of the best smartwatches under $100 you can find on the market today.

The 7 Best Smartwatches Under $100

The Amazfit Bip boasts a sleek, minimalistic design that can fit all styles and occasions. Not to mention, it comes in 10 different colors to suit all tastes. And if you’re worried about weight, this smartwatch is extremely lightweight at just 32 grams.

The watch features an always-on 1.28” color touchscreen display with anti-fingerprint coating and Corning Glass protection. The reflective display ensures that the screen gets clearer when the light is stronger, providing you with excellent sunlight legibility.

As far as fitness tracking is concerned, the Amazfit Bip has four sports modes covering the essentials, including running, walking, cycling, and treadmill. We’d have liked it if it had more sports modes, though. It also has a built-in Sony GPS chip, which consumes as little as a third of the power used by similar GPS chips. It also supports GLONASS.

Furthermore, the PPG Optical Heart Rate Sensor allows you to monitor your heart rate. You can either take periodic measurements or enable continuous mode for real-time heart rate monitoring during exercising and other activities. The watch can also monitor your sleep, making it easier for you to track your sleeping patterns and sleep better at night.

When it comes to actual smartwatch features, the Amazfit Bip allows you to receive notifications like messages, emails, reminders, and social media alerts right from your wrist. Just connect it to your phone using Bluetooth, and you’re good to go. However, you can’t reply to the messages you receive on the watch or perform any other actions.

As for battery life, the Amazfit Bip can last up to 45 days on a single charge, but that’s if you only use your watch as a gadget that tells you the time and date. With heavy usage and GPS always on, expect to get a full day of juice out of the watch’s 190 mAh battery.

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Up next on our list is the Ticwatch E that’s designed especially for those who want to download lots of apps for all purposes. Since it’s run on Google’s WearOS, you’re free to download hundreds of apps from Google’s Play Store! Moreover, you can download dozens of watch faces to customize your watch’s appearance to your liking.

Moreover, the watch is compatible with Google’s hands-free voice assistant, allowing you to do things like creating a new reminder or navigating to a certain location. Just say “OK Google” and tell Google what you need to do.

Design-wise, the Ticwatch E features a round, 1.4” OLED display that offers excellent sunlight readability and popping colors. The design is aesthetically pleasing for a smartwatch, making it a good match for lots of outfits.

When it comes to fitness tracking, the Ticwatch E can almost track any activity you do, including walking, running, gym, and cycling. You can use Mobvoi’s fitness app to track your activity, but we prefer Google Fit as it’s more accurate and provides more helpful insights. Runtastic is a good app to download, too. Despite being dust and water-resistant, the watch can’t track swimming activity, though.

Additionally, there’s a built-in GPS so you can map and track your morning jog and share your progress with your friends. Furthermore, the watch is equipped with a sensor that provides you with live heart rate monitoring at a decent accuracy level.

As for smart features, the Ticwatch E lets you make calls and reply to text messages directly from your wrist, but this feature only works with Android phones.

Lastly, in terms of battery life, the watch can last around 2 days on average if you use it frequently throughout the day.

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The Pradory smartwatch is one of the very few smartwatches at this price range with a SIM card slot. So, if you’re looking to reduce your smartphone usage to the minimum, you can use this smartwatch as a smartphone replacement.

For starters, the Pradory smartwatch sports an HD touchscreen display that’s clear enough even in direct sunlight. Additionally, it weighs just 50 grams, making it lightweight even for kids. We also love one unique feature of the Pradory smartwatch, which is that you can use it as a remote for your Android phone’s camera. It also has its own dedicated 1.3MP camera.

When it comes to health, you can use the personal health manager to track your activity and sleep patterns. It even reminds you if you stay idle for too long.

Another feature we admired is the anti-theft app that allows you to get your smartwatch’s location if it’s within 10-15 meters.

When it comes to battery life, the Pradory smartwatch provides you with seven days of standby time, which is relatively unimpressive compared to other smartwatches on our list. Nevertheless, we appreciate that it comes with a spare battery that you can use to double the watch’s usable time.

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The Tinwoo T20W smartwatch is a great option for those who want an affordable smartwatch with great fitness tracking capabilities.

It sports a sturdy build supported with a durable stainless steel frame and a middle-frame zinc alloy frame, with a 1.3″ circular display. The Tinwoo is available in 4 different colors and 14 watch faces, offering more choices to suit different tastes. You can set the watch face to automatically switch from day to night mode to provide optimum readability.

Moving on, this Tinwoo smartwatch supports wireless charging, which is a rare feature at this price range. Don’t have a wireless charging pad? No problem, just use the provided magnetic USB cable to charge the watch. As for battery life, it can last you up to 10 days with moderate usage and GPS turned off.

Furthermore, the smartwatch offers top-notch fitness tracking capabilities with 8 sports modes, including jogging, cycling, basketball, and soccer. However, you can’t map your jogs without connecting the watch to your phone since it doesn’t have a built-in GPS.

Uniquely, the watch is IP68-certified, allowing you to take showers and swim without having to take the watch off. However, it can’t track your swimming activity.

Additionally, the watch can track your heart rate during workouts to help you maintain a suitable heart-rate range for your goals. It also features sleep tracking, allowing you to understand more about your sleeping patterns and improve the quality of sleep so you can keep your health on the right track.

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The YAMAY smartwatch is one of the most affordable smartwatches out there, and it’s the perfect choice for android users.

It features a square-shaped color touchscreen display that offers a good level of clarity and sharp texts. Additionally, there’s an ambient light sensor that adjusts the display’s brightness automatically according to the surrounding environment.

The watch has 14 sports modes, which is quite impressive considering that smartwatches at this price range usually have a limited number of sports modes. Some of the available modes include running, treadmill, riding, yoga, and dancing.

Furthermore, the YAMAY smartwatch can track sleep, giving you detailed insights about your sleep quality and what you can do to improve it. It also has a heart rate monitor, which can be quite useful when exercising.

This smartwatch also places a high emphasis on women’s health. It allows you to enter your menstrual cycle details like the last time you got your period, its length, and the symptoms you encountered. You can then set the watch to remind you as you approach your next cycle.

When it comes to battery life, this watch can last you for as long as 10 days depending on your usage patterns.

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The Willful smartwatch offers an outstanding user experience with great notifications handling and lots of useful health insights!

It features a square-shaped color touchscreen display that offers an adequate level of clarity and sharp texts. Additionally, an ambient light sensor adjusts the display’s brightness automatically according to the surrounding environment.

On that note, when it comes to health and fitness, the smartwatch has a heart rate sensor that allows you to monitor your heart rate when exercising to achieve optimum results and maintain your health.

It also features sleep monitoring, letting you understand more about your sleeping patterns. It tells you the time intervals you had light and deep sleep, as well as when you were awake.

Fitness tracking on the Willful smartwatch is pretty neat. You get 11 exercise modes, in addition to real-time GPS distance and location tracking for activities like running and cycling. Additionally, there’s a stopwatch, which can be quite handy when exercising or even cooking.

You can check your activity data on the VeryFitPro app. Moreover, the app allows you to sync your phone’s notifications with your watch and view them even when you’re away from your phone.

When it comes to battery life, the Willful smartwatch can last around a week with regular usage, with a standby time of up to 42 days. Charging this watch takes a maximum of 2 hours when the battery is fully drained.

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At below $100, you can’t really get a full-blown smartwatch from a top brand; but you can get a fitness tracker. The Galaxy Fit is a fitness tracker from Samsung that shares many functionalities with smartwatches.

It boasts a full-color AMOLED display that offers deep black levels and high contrast. Additionally, the build quality is stellar, and scratching the display is a real challenge.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Fit can monitor virtually anything you can think of related to your health and fitness. It can track daily steps, the number of calories burned, water intake, and caffeine intake. It also monitors your heart rate when exercising. Also, it’s waterproof up to 50 meters, allowing you to swim with it worry-free.

Another thing you can track with your Galaxy Fit is sleep patterns, giving you the ability to improve your sleep quality for more active mornings.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Fit keeps you updated with incoming calls, messages, and reminders, ensuring you don’t miss anything. You can reply to messages right from your wrist.

The Fit is compatible with almost all modern Android and iOS devices, but it works best with Samsung phones due to the extra pairing capabilities. As for the battery, it can last you up to 7 days on a single charge, which isn’t that bad for a fitness tracker.

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Smartwatch Under $100 Buying Guide & FAQ

Before deciding on a sub-$100 smartwatch, there are a few factors that you have to keep in mind to make sure that it’s suitable for your needs. Take a look at them below and also consider the answers to some of the frequently asked questions!

Features to Look for in a Smartwatch Under $100


You need to look for three aspects in a smartwatch’s design: weight, band size, and dial size.

A smartwatch is supposed to be as lightweight as possible for it to feel comfortable on your wrist. You can find several smartwatches at this price range with a weight that hovers around 30 grams, which is quite an acceptable weight range.

As for size, make sure to check the manufacturer’s specs sheet and see if the watch’s dimensions are suitable for your wrist’s size. If you’re a woman, you’ll likely need to get a smartwatch with a smaller band and dial.


The display is arguably the most important design aspect of a smartwatch. If you can’t see what’s on your smartwatch clearly, then what’s the point of getting one in the first place?

OLED technology has proven to be the top choice for smartwatch displays. They have a high contrast ratio, which allows for deeper blacks, vivid colors, and great sunlight readability. OLED displays are also thinner than LED-backlit LCDs, making it possible to design slimmer smartwatches.

Furthermore, the display must be big enough without making the smartwatch bulky. A high screen-to-body ratio here would be great. The thinner the bezel around the display, the higher the screen to body ratio is.

You should also consider whether you want a circular or squarish display. It’s mostly a personal preference, but we prefer squarish displays for their enhanced useability.

Battery Life

By getting a smartwatch, you get yourself an extra gadget that needs to be charged frequently, which can be hectic, especially if you wear it daily.

It’s a good idea to get a smartwatch that can last at least one full day on a single charge, so you only need to charge it before going to bed. Anything less than that and you’ll find yourself with a brick on your wrist in the middle of the day.

Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking is one of the many perks of smartwatch, but not all smartwatches give you the same level of tracking and workout monitoring. For example, some smartwatches have swimming tracking, while others can only count steps and calories.

Moreover, your fitness tracking data must be as accurate as possible. While most smartwatches won’t give you 100% accurate data, many watches can provide you numbers close to the real deal.


If you want to customize your smartwatch to match your style and taste, go for a smartwatch with interchangeable bands. You can also give your smartwatch a totally new appearance by changing the watch face, but not all smartwatches support that.


Do Smartwatches Need a Data Plan?

Most smartwatches don’t need a separate data plan. You can just connect your smartwatch to your phone and use your phone’s data plan.

However, some smartwatches have a built-in modem that allows users to use their smartwatch as a phone replacement. In that case, you’ll need a separate data plan to get the most out of your smartwatch.

Can I Use a Smartwatch Without a Phone?

Yes, you can use a smartwatch independently without your phone, but not all models support that. If your smartwatch supports Wi-Fi, you can easily connect it to a nearby Wi-Fi network and use apps.

However, you won’t be able to make cellular calls if your smartwatch doesn’t support a SIM card. You can use VOIP services instead if they’re allowed in your country.

Final Words

There’s no straightforward winner on our list. It all depends on your personal needs and how much you’re willing to pay to get certain features.

If you want a smartwatch with lots of app choices for fitness and other purposes, go for the Ticwatch E. It runs on WearOS, allowing you to download lots of apps from the Google Play Store. It’s one of the best smartwatches under $100 you can get.

Alternatively, you can pick the Pradory smartwatch if you want a watch that can be used as a phone replacement.

Finally, if you’re on a super tight budget, go for the YAMAY smartwatch. It offers lots of sports modes, can track heart rate and sleep, and has several health tracking features for women.

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