The Team Behind

About Olio Devices

Combining practicality and style is probably the hardest thing to do, but it isn’t so hard if you search in the right place, and that’s what Olio Devices is all about, being a dependable, authentic source of recommendations when it’s time to make a timepiece purchase.

What We Do

In essence, we bring you all the information you might need regarding any wearable at your fingertips.
Starting from the very basics of how watches work, how to fix them, how to pick a regular watch versus a smartwatch, how to sync your smartwatch to your phone or other devices, and all the way to providing you with buying guides and product reviews recommending you the best devices for your tailored preferences.

Our Mission

We aim to establish and give rise to a community for people who -like us- are passionate about watches (smart or not) and wearable gadgets.
We’re always striving to search for and discover the newest models as well as provide you with all the news you need to stay up-to-date when it comes to the world of watches.

What Products Do We Test?

We’ve tried and tested them all! And by all, we’re referring to any wearable gadget that goes around your wrist, be it a watch, smartwatch, fitness tracker, or other.

Who We Are

Our names are Alex (short for Alexander) Ford and Mark Williams; we’re two former engineering students who met in college. We were among the lucky ones who got placed together with a roommate that shared a common passion and interest! Our obsession with watches was the foundation on which our friendship was built.

Each of us had his own drawer with different watches and countless straps that we used to exchange with one another. And though we’re totally different in terms of what catches our eyes (Mark loves the inner workings, and I’m more interested in the features and style,) we’ve found common ground in the fact that we find these tiny and intricate devices absolutely fascinating.

Our History

Olio Devices started in 2013 with a family team based in San Francisco. Since then, the site has grown to attract a monthly readership of hundreds of thousands, and has been featured on a range of top websites including the Microsoft, New York Times, CNET, and more. 

Olio Devices developed luxury lifestyle products for modern professionals. The company offered smart wearable devices such as wrist-watches and smartwatches alongside associated software and hardware.