12 Cool Things to Do With a Smartwatch

12 Cool Things to Do With a Smartwatch

Smartwatches are all the rage now, yet people still have no idea how to use them to their full potential. Many would go as far as say they’re a waste of money with which we disagree entirely.

People have been giving up on regular watches, which we understand because who needs a whole gadget to tell the time when a smartphone can do that! Similar things have been said about smartwatches as well. However, the smart version of these gadgets can do more than show the time or beep when you receive a notification. 

Whether you’ve just got your hands on a new smartwatch or you’re a veteran, we’re sure there are numerous things about your gadget that you haven’t uncovered yet. So take a deep breath and get ready to get your mind blown away.

1. Stream Music and Videos

Before anything, entertainment comes first! Your smartwatch allows you to listen to music with just a pair of wireless headphones and a few swipes on its screen. Connect online to Spotify or Deezer and play your favorite playlist while working out in the open or at the gym.

Some models come with internal storage that, though not huge, can store a few files that you can access when you’re offline. Just open Google Play Music and download some hip-hop and rock music to keep you entertained while on the road. 

The same thing also goes for videos. Remember that “Awesome Fortnite Techniques” video you wanted to see in your spare time? Well, with just a few clicks and swipes, you can watch it from your wrist.

Built-in speakers have been a thing lately in many models, and they can come in handy if your headphones aren’t on you. However, be careful using them when running outdoors if you don’t want to hear your whole neighborhood screaming on you.

2. Customize Your Watch Face

No matter how much this sounds silly, this part, in particular, is really fun. You know how your regular watch just refuses to fit with your outfit and feels out of place? That doesn’t happen with smartwatches.

These smart gadgets allow you to change their faces with pre-installed themes or ones that you can download from the internet. Heading for a business meeting? Let it wear a professional look. Going on a jog? Put some colors and motivational quotes. Partying with your pals? Install the silliest face so that you and your friends can have fun laughing at it.

3. Stay in Shape

Believe it or not, smartwatches are the best portable fitness trackers out there. While some models are built for this purpose solely, others can do it along with other useful connectivity functions using apps like Strava and MyFitnessPal.

Your device can track your laps, count your steps, calculate your calories, measure your running distance, and many other features for athletes. In addition to monitoring your performance, smartwatches can keep you updated with your heart rate and blood pressure as well as set challenges so that you can compete with your training buddies.

4. Have a Multifunctional Traveling Buddy

If your gadget has a built-in GPS, then you have the best traveling and driving buddy on your wrist. Just download the proper maps app on your smartwatch and safely navigate routes to reach your destination safely. 

Looking at your smartphone every now and then can expose you to dangerous accidents on the road. Instead, your smartwatch will use a set of smart sounds or send you vibrations on your wrist telling you which way to go 

5. Play With Apps

The best thing about smartwatches is that you can shape them however you want. You have the total liberty to download whichever apps you need from Google Play Store. Although the process may be a tad bit troublesome from your tiny display, you can do it from your phone or laptop and have your watch ready with apps for any task at hand. 

6. Locate Your Phone

It’s too easy to lose your phone when you’re getting dressed in a hurry to head out or leaving a place while you’re engrossed in a conversation with someone.

Instead of asking around or searching every nook and cranny of your house, your smartwatch can locate it with the “Find My Phone” feature in a matter of seconds. Just click the button, and you’ll hear your phone singing from where you last left it.

7. Stay Connected to Social Media

Don’t you find yourself in a situation where you can’t hold your phone, but your mind is itching to know what’s going on Twitter or Facebook to catch up on what’s trending? Sometimes it’s not the proper etiquette to hold your phone in a public situation, but who would notice if you sneak a glance at your smartwatch and keep updated with your social media!

8. Reply Immediately

You know that scene from the movies when the hero holds his wrist in front of his mouth and talks like a serious agent on a secret mission? Now it’s your time to live the experience.

Some smartwatches don’t just notify you about a notification or an incoming call, they also allow you to respond. Depending on the model, your device may enable you to receive or decline calls, send voicemails or texting messages. 

To be honest, it won’t work as efficiently as your smartphone in this matter. But it will do the job when holding your phone isn’t an option like when you’re driving, cycling, or sitting in a social gathering where it’s not decent to hold your phone. 

9. Enjoy Longer Connection

Smartwatches have batteries that can last for several days. This is a feature that you’d appreciate if you go on long trips and get frustrated every time your phone dies on you halfway through your ride.

In some situations, that could mean losing your GPS connection and having no way to access someone for help. Some smartwatches come with batteries that can stay up for a whole week or more before it needs a recharge. Hence, you can enjoy going the extra miles without panicking over losing connection. 

10. Shop Online and Offline

Smartwatches don’t only replace your phone, they also can do your wallet’s job. All you have to do is open the Google Pay app on your gadget and add your credit or debit card to the watch. Now you can pay for your new stuff with just a swipe of your finger.

11. Control Your Home

Nowadays, modern homes are equipped with smart devices at every corner. By downloading the manufacturer’s app on your watch, you can control your smart deadbolts, surveillance cameras, Bluetooth speaker, and smart thermostat from your wrist.

12. Smile and Shoot

No more need for a bulky selfie stick or a friend to hold the camera so that you can get the perfect wide shot.

Sync your camera to your smartwatch and use it as a shutter button to snap a pic or take a photo burst of you and your friends from a distance. It also enables you to choose flash settings, pick photo resolutions, and set timers. 

Final Thoughts

Smartwatches sound like something straight from a sci-fi movie or a fantasy anime, don’t they? After reading this article, grab your smartwatch, finish its set up and start discovering your new favorite gadget. And tell us, have you found anything that these cool gadgets can do that we don’t know about? 

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