Black Collection

When it comes to watch styles, many different trends come and go. And rarely are these trends functional. Instead they are used as a design medium; an extension of one’s persona. One of these trends is the all black watches that are currently popular. This design captures the essence of stealth, creating a contrasting monochromatic theme that often makes telling time difficult. This black watch review can give you an overview of the different styles for both men and women.

Black Watches for Women

Even though the vast majority of these all black wristwatches are designed for men, the ladies get to enjoy this fashion trend as well. Generally, the women’s watches are more fashion conscious walking the line between a slim and graceful black ceramic dress watch and a playful but inexpensive plastic watch. The ceramic watches are very elegant and provide a light yet quality appeal and can range from one to a few hundred dollars for the designer series. The black plastic watches for women are inexpensive and designed to be worn casually with an outfit here and there.

Black Watches for Men

For the most part, the all black style seems to be a favorite among men. Maybe it’s because it encompasses the tactical side; making the man who is wearing it feel like a stealth commando. Surprisingly enough, the black men’s wristwatch is incredibly varies in style. There are a wide range of types such as dive watches, sports watches, even dress watches that use a black on black theme. Most of the time these watches use an ion-plated stainless steel frame which gives the watch a lot of durability. One thing to look out for though are the watches that use a PVD coating as these have the tendency to peel off over time.