Our Inspiration.

Time is our most precious commodity, and yet, despite all the technological gains, time continues to expire. Somehow, we find ourselves at the beck and call of technology. This is backwards. To make our lives easier, our smart devices should serve us—not the other way around.

To bring order from this digital chaos, we assembled a remarkable team. A small group of artisans working in concert with leaders in technology and design. For these dreamers, the status quo would not do.

We are Olio.

Our Story.

Though we are passionate about technology, it wasn’t our starting point. Rather, our goal was to create a timepiece that could help regain time. This alone was a massive undertaking, still we set our sights even higher.

We made it our mission to create nothing less than an instant classic. The case, the finish, the band all had to compete with the world’s best. Styles would be inspired by heritage, yet entirely distinctive. On screen, Artificial Intelligence would seamlessly deliver what is needed today, while learning what is needed tomorrow.

A true example in design thinking. Delivering on the promise of technology and craftsmanship.


Every Olio timepiece syncs seamlessly with your Apple or Android™ phone. This means your biggest decision will be black, rose, gold or stainless.

Our Team.

Our hallways are filled with passionate designers, inventors and technologists. These are the kinds of people who never settle. Who believe that state of the art should, in fact, truly be State of the Art. And who create technological solutions that are as empowering as they are functional.


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