Command Time.

The Model One helps you save time by organizing your digital life. The watch faces conveniently visualize all of your incoming notifications, as well as the information you need to plan the rest of your day. Paired with Olio Assist, which provides personalized time saving suggestions, the glanceable and swipeable interface turns information into insight and insight into action.

Olio Assist.

Olio Assist is a cloud-based personal assistant. It develops an understanding of your preferences, using context and advanced AI to effectively learn on the go so you can stay focused on the job at hand.

Your Olio.

The watch face reveals your digital life with artwork powered by your schedule, the weather, and any other past notifications. Because your watch faces are powered by your life, your watch is always unique and intimately personal.

Notification Streams.

Months of research and user testing led us to organize information on two streams — Earlier and Later. The Earlier Stream contains all the notifications you may have missed, while the Later Stream displays each of your upcoming events (including your calendar, weather, and traffic). Simple and intuitive? Absolutely.

Action Items.

Within the Notification Streams, you can tap to get more details, swipe left to dismiss, or swipe right to take action. Responding to notifications reduces the to do list—another way Olio is helping to save you time.

Control Hub.

New user interfaces are sometimes overwhelming. The Olio Control Hub avoids this issue by using machine learning to only present options that are relevant at that moment.

  • Bespoke Watch Faces

    Each Collection features a custom watch face designed to complement its hardware. Choose from a variety of analog and digital options.

    • Daytime - Analog

      The daytime analog watch face blends a light blue morning sky background with emerald accents.

    • Daytime - Digital

      The daytime digital watch face uses the same light blue morning sky background with emerald accents as the analog version.

    • Nighttime - Analog

      The nighttime analog watch face blends a deep indigo evening sky background with ice blue accents.

    • Nighttime - Digital

      The nighttime digital watch face uses the same deep indigo evening sky background with ice blue accents as the analog version.

    • Digital Activity

      This watch face visualizes your notifications from the last 12 hours. Every 12 minutes, a new pattern is created based on the messages, calls, and social notifications you have received. It is always changing and unique to you.

    • Schedule

      See the next 12 hours of your schedule integrated into your watch face. This is perfect for figuring out at a glance if you're busy or free.

    • Weather

      The forecast for the next 12 hours broken into 3-hour-sections to enable you to easily prepare for your day.

    • Time Zones

      Swipe through customizable time zones to keep track of the time globally.

    • Analog Alarm

      Easily set a silent alarm without using your phone. When your alarm goes off you will be notified with a gentle tap.

    • Digital Alarm

      For those of you who prefer a digital interface to set a silent alarm without using your phone.

    • Stopwatch

      Quickly activate an incredibly precise stopwatch.

    • Timer

      Set a silent timer that stays with you. When your timer goes off you will be notified with a gentle tap.

  • Earlier Stream

    See everything you have missed organized into the Earlier Stream. From here, you can dismiss notifications from your watch and phone or take action with Olio Assist.

    • Texts

      The Olio Model One can notify you of text messages so you can read, dismiss, set a reminder for later, or tell Olio Assist to send a reply when you're busy.

    • Missed Calls

      See missed calls and voicemails that you can dismiss or respond to.

    • Emails

      Quickly reading emails on your wrist lets you conveniently flag, delete, or archive mail. Olio Assist can even remind you of important emails later, when you’re in a better place to respond.

    • Social Messages

      Quickly view messages from your favorite social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. You can read, dismiss, and respond with a flick of the wrist.

    • News

      All of the updates for which you used to pull out your phone can now be viewed instantly, so you can quickly decide what can be dismissed and what is worth a deep dive on your mobile device.

    • Sports

      Stay up-to-date with breaking sports news from companies like ESPN and Follow the game score from your favorite teams when you don't want to reach for your phone.

    • Business & Finance

      Receive real-time stock updates and alerts from a variety of business and finance services including Mint, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg Business.

    • App Alerts

      The Olio Model One can alert you when phone apps are being updated to keep you informed.

  • Later Stream

    See what is coming up in your day, neatly organized in the later stream. Tap on any of the overview notifications to see more detail.

    • Olio Assist

      Helpful suggestions and information from Olio Assist are also shown in the Later Stream, so you can quickly plan the rest of your day.

    • Google Now

      Receive your favorite Google Now updates such as flight details on the Olio Model One, neatly organized into your Later Stream.

    • Traffic

      Receive real-time traffic updates to better plan your commute or trip. Never be left wondering what is the fastest route.

    • Weather

      See a detailed forecast for your current location. Tap to see additional details such as hourly weather patterns and temperatures.

    • Schedule

      Your detailed schedule is constantly updated and neatly displayed on your wrist for quick reference. Receive calendar reminders and let Olio Assist hold your messages during meetings.

    • Reminders

      Let your watch remind you of important events, tasks, or notes.

    • Alarms

      See currently set alarms all in one place.

    • Timers

      See all of your timers, together.

  • Control Hub

    The Olio Model One lets you control services and connected devices that are relevant to you in a given moment.

    • Music

      Control the music on your mobile device from your wrist. Tap the watch face to play / pause. Swipe right and left for forward / backward. Swipe up and down to control the volume.

    • Navigation

      Receive turn-by-turn directions right on your wrist. No small, hard-to-read maps. Just clear, simple directions. Use the Model One's voice control to search for locations, get directions, or reroute.

    • Connected Devices

      Control lights, thermostats, locks, cars, and many other connected devices. When you are in close proximity to those devices, controls will intelligently appear. When they are not around you, you won’t have to worry about searching through a long list.

    • Calls

      See who is calling without needing to reach for your phone. Answer, decline, or have Olio Assist respond with a message letting them know if you're busy or you want to call them back later.

    • “Ok Google” &
      “Hey Siri”

      The Olio Model One can control Siri on iPhone and Google Now on Android™ with voice commands from your watch.

    • Settings

      Enable or disable Bluetooth, Voice Control, and Do Not Disturb. Switch between watch faces. Manually control the brightness, restart your watch, and send out a “Find My Phone” alert when you have misplaced it.


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