Craftsmanship, Defined.

All of our materials are exactingly sourced. Take the case: cold-forged nine times for hardness. Then milled and hand-finished to achieve our distinctive texture and mirror-polish highlights. Above and below, we put Sapphire and ion-exchange glass that has gone through our custom guilloché texturing process, making it impact and scratch resistant.

As Distinctive As You Are.

Our collection of genuine Italian-leather bands and hand-finished link bracelets offer a staggering variety of options, so you can make each Olio your own.

Best In Class Power.

A watch isn’t useful when it’s always plugged in. Which is why we engineered remarkable high-capacity batteries that deliver a full day* of functionality, and quickly recharge.

Brighter Than Daylight.

Never lose sight of what matters. Our custom-designed, high-resolution display features state-of-the-art optical films as well as an ambient light spectral sensor. The result is an ultra-efficient display—brighter than most phones—viewable on even those blue-sky days.

Handles Well Under Pressure.

Soak it all in without having to get out. Water resistant to 50M so that you can finish your laps, enjoy your shower, or relax in the hot tub, without skipping a beat.

Technical Details

  • Material

    • 316L stainless steel case
    • Natural finish, black PVD, 24-karat gold, 18-karat rose gold
    • Brushed with hand polished accents
    • Sapphire glass or high-impact ion-exchange glass cover
    • Guilloché textured cover artwork
    • Olio's signature copper rapid-charging coil
  • Construction

    • 47 mm case diameter
    • 12 mm case depth
    • 81 grams with genuine leather band
    • 161 grams with steel link bracelet
    • 50M water-resistant
  • Bespoke Watch face

    • Gold: Clear sky dial with sunfire yellow accents
    • Rose: Eclipse astral dial with turquoise accents
    • Steel: Radiant white markers with ice blue accents
    • Black: Technical dial with burnished gold accents
  • Battery Life

    • Full day battery life*
  • Bluetooth

    • Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0 & LE
  • Compatibility

    • iPhone® (version 9.1 or higher)
    • Android™ (version 4.4 or higher)
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